The strength fo pipe & joint will be depend upon the method connection for pipe & joint such as other materials of steel, aluminum & wood etc. When desigh the structure, have to consider the design to get proper strength which you need on purpose & their stability in advance and if you need the design required strength with stability specially, we appreciate your contact to our sales team in order to get our well experienced knowledge.

The mentioned picture is a real drawing of structure indicating pipe length with composed materials(joints).

The size of structre(center)
800(W) x 1200(L) x 1200(H)

The 'H' mean real lengths of pipes
The sequence & major check point on manufacturing

In order to manufacturer the moving trolley, racking system & Sliding racking system by pipe & joint as per customer's concept, it tis necessary to keep sequence & check points as follows.
The usage purpose,
Analysis of load conditions,
Usage circumstance etc.